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7 “Scrappy” Recipes to Try This Holiday Season

By UGL-Staff | December 1, 2021

With the holidays upon us, we’re cooking more now than any other time of year. This year, try saving your scraps and repurposing your leftovers into one of these great dishes.

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#FindYourLab with Hank & Lottie Cardwell

By UGL-Staff | January 8, 2021

Hank, a Sustainable Classrooms trained teacher, and his daughter Lottie, an eighth grader, share the story of their holistic family approach to sustainable living.

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Gift Sustainably this Holiday Season

By UGL-Staff | December 9, 2020

Did you know that the average American home already has 300,000 things?! We all love giving gifts around the holidays so we want to help you give gifts sustainably.

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Nashville Sustainability Roundtable: Equity in Renewable Energy

By Patrick King | December 1, 2020

In November, the Nashville Sustainability Roundtable held a special edition virtual event on the subject of Equity in Renewable Energy.

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Your Guide to Wasting Less Food this Holiday Season

By UGL-Staff | November 23, 2020

Changing our menus and traditions may mean more food waste than usual. Continue reading for tips on how to waste less food and prepare to have a sustainable holiday season!

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Hack for the Community 2020: The Sustain Game

By Patrick King | November 20, 2020

UGL wins the Hackers Choice Award at this years Hack for the Community!

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Sustainable Nashville Live: October Recap

By Patrick King | October 31, 2020

Check out the October recap of Sustainable Nashville Live!

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