Nashville is striving for a more sustainable future. As a result, many entities are publishing sustainability reports, plans, and ordinances. Below is a library of those resources. We hope they encourage awareness and involvement in our city's sustainability goals.

This Solid Waste Master Plan was built with the Davidson County Solid Waste Region Board with the ultimate goal of achieving zero waste to Davidson County landfills in the future.
This report outlines recommendations and actions for Nashville to reduce its contributions to climate change and ensure a healthy, prosperous, and resilient future.
The agenda includes cutting Metro government’s greenhouse gas emissions by 80 percent, planting more trees, and investing in solar energy for Metro government.
NashvilleNext is a plan created by residents which guides us through 2040. NashvilleNext provides direction and policy suggestions on the physical structure of Davidson County – the things we build, how and where we build them, and the places we preserve.
Preventing bulky, energy-intensive, and highly recyclable construction and demolition material from being landfilled is crucial for the continued resilience, economic growth, and prosperity of this region. This proposed ordinance outlines ways Nashville can do that.
The Vision Zero movement is a worldwide strategy to eliminate all traffic-related deaths and severe injuries while increasing safety, equity, and mobility for all users. Metro Nashville and Davidson County became a Vision Zero city in 2022.
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The 2016 Plan to Play Master Plan is intended to offer a set of tools that will continue to guide deliberate decisions, and provide a 10-year vision to sustainably meet the community’s needs through 2027.

Is there a report, plan, or ordinance we should add to the library? Email katie@urbangreenlab.org.

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