Urban Green Lab Certification

Urban Green Lab officially recognizes community institutions -- like schools, businesses, and nonprofits -- as Nashville-approved “Urban Green Labs.”  A lab is any workplace that proves its commitment to the practice and training of sustainable behaviors and explores new ways for making decisions that better protect our people, profit, and planet.  We use an annual assessment to diagnose your needs, then work together to kickstart your green team, create a strategic plan, connect you with fellow workplaces and experts, and help better tell your story.

Lab Assessment

The Lab Certification Assessment is a free, three-part tool designed to investigate how sustainability education is currently woven throughout the fabric of your organization. 

This Assessment is best completed with a diverse grouping of staff from your organization who have experience in human resources, facilities, operations, community engagement, and sustainability. Alternatively, someone with knowledge of these work areas can complete the assessment on the organization’s behalf. 

Once you have completed the Assessment, you’ll receive a detailed score and guidance on the next steps to earn Certification.

Use this worksheet to prepare your responses.

Use of Certification seals is reserved for Certified Labs. Please do not download or use without permission from Urban Green Lab.

Gold Certified Labs


Silver Certified Labs


Bronze Certified Labs


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