Urban Green Lab believes education leads to action, especially in reducing wasted food in our cities. In 2023, we teamed up with the Posner Foundation of Pittsburgh to create a series of videos about how Urban Green Lab uniquely delivers education on sustainable food consumption in classrooms, households, and workplaces. To supplement those videos, we also created a series of toolkits in collaboration with the Environmental Law Institute full of resources you can use every day as an educator, a professional, or a family member. Read more below about our experience educating on food waste and how the resources can be used.

Posner Foundation of Pittsburgh logo

Thank you to the Posner Foundation of Pittsburgh for supporting the Nashville Food Waste Initiative and providing the funding to support this project.

Program Overview Videos

Watch the following videos for an overview of our programs in classrooms, households, and workplaces and how we integrate learning about sustainable food consumption in places where culture is formed.




Resources By Topic

Use the resource guides compiled by ELI to find vetted, science-based resources, categorized by audience and medium, for educating on sustainable food consumption.

Click here for resources on interpreting date labels to reduce food waste.
Click here for resources on sustainable packaging design and use.
Click here for resources on meal prepping and kits for reducing food waste.
Click here for resources on reducing food waste using plate and portion size.
Click here for resources on storage and freezing for reducing food waste.
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