The Nashville Sustainability Roundtable is a gathering of workplaces to discuss sustainability. It is the only convening of its kind dedicated to guiding workplaces to be more sustainable. Members of the Roundtable attend bi-monthly meetings at rotating workplaces. They exchange best practices, troubleshoot obstacles, and share their journey to sustainability. Roundtable attendees enjoy networking opportunities, workshop-style interaction, and access to an online portal for communication between meetings.
Is your business or nonprofit interested in becoming a member? Please contact Jacqueline Goodwin at jacqueline@urbangreenlab.org or apply at the link below.
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A man and a woman network at the Nashville Sustainability Roundtable

Past Roundtable hosts

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Key Successes

United 614 professionals since the Roundtable began in 2018

Facilitated 19 meetings of the Roundtable

Mobilized an average of 30 workplace representatives to attend each Roundtable meeting

Selected accomplishments since the program started. Updated December 12, 2022.


Workplaces represented by attendees of the Nashville Sustainability Roundtable, nonprofit and corporate