We teach communities
how to live sustainably.

We teach communities
how to live sustainably.

About Urban Green Lab

Urban Green Lab is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that exists to teach communities how to live sustainably in Nashville, TN and its surrounding counties. We organize teams, train them on making sustainable choices, and connect people with services and peers to walk with on their sustainable journey. We envision a Nashville where everyone has access to opportunities for learning about sustainable living.

Educating in places where culture begins

The Classrooms programs train educators and provide confidence, tools, and community to bring a sustainable lens into any classroom.

The Households division creates sustainable living education systems that inspire residents and families to be part of the solution.

The Workplaces branch educates and builds communities and cultures of sustainability in businesses throughout the Nashville area.

Special Initiatives

Our special initiatives are focus areas of sustainability education that Urban Green Lab has chosen to highlight and incorporate throughout the divisions.

The Nashville Environmental Justice Initiative is growing a movement of environmental justice learning that protects Nashville's marginalized communities.

The Nashville Food Waste Initiative develops tools and implements strategies for decreasing food waste and growing sustainable food consumption practices to serve as a model for other cities.

2023 annual report

For more information on our organization, programs, and impact, read our 2023 Annual Report.


Graphic about joining the Nashville Sustainability Roundtable

Nashville Sustainability Roundtable: July 18

Join us on Thursday, July 18, for the Nashville Sustainability Roundtable hosted by Urban Green Lab in partnership with the Nashville Public Library! 

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People sit in pairs at a table during a UGL Volunteer training

UGL Volunteer Training – July 27

The UGL Volunteers are Urban Green Lab’s frontline ambassadors working to make Nashville a more sustainable place. Join us for volunteer training to learn more about sustainability and how to talk about sustainability with family, friends, and neighbors.

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Graphic about joining the Nashville Sustainability Roundtable

Nashville Sustainability Roundtable: May 23

Join us on Thursday, May 23, for the Nashville Sustainability Roundtable hosted by Urban Green Lab in partnership with REED Public Relations! 

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Thriving grassland transitioning to a strip mall in a gif

I Never Thought of Tennessee as a Prairie State–I Was Wrong.

May 13, 2024

Read our latest blog post written by the Cumberland River Compact to learn why we should protect our grasslands and what Nashville residents can do to help.

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group of citizens block i-40 interstate construction in the 1960s

Environmental Justice is Social Justice

April 29, 2024

Each quarter, our UGL Volunteers learn about a topic in sustainability, and this quarter we are learning more about environmental justice. This blog is an excerpt of content shared with our UGL Volunteers.

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Tips for Dining Deliberately

April 9, 2024

As we host the Nashville Earth Day Restaurant Challenge, here are a few tips for dining more deliberately at a restaurant or at home.

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In the News

Urban Green Lab Publishes 2023 Annual Report

March 5, 2024

Urban Green Lab shares the 2023 Annual Report showcasing program achievements and stories from stakeholders

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Students draw a city on a large posterboard

Urban Green Lab Receives 2023 Airbnb Community Fund Grant

February 1, 2024

Urban Green Lab is one of 40 nonprofits to receive a 2023 Airbnb Community Fund Grant. Learn more about how the grant will be used to teach communities to live sustainably.

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Mural that says "Food is energy. Waste less." painted on a store window

Second Food Waste Mural Installed at Patagonia Nashville

January 23, 2024

Urban Green Lab, in partnership with Patagonia, placed two murals on the windows of the Patagonia Nashville store to celebrate how food can provide fuel for activity and encourage Nashvillians to waste less food.

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