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7 “Scrappy” Recipes to Try This Holiday Season

By UGL-Staff | December 1, 2021

With the holidays upon us, we’re cooking more now than any other time of year. This year, try saving your scraps and repurposing your leftovers into one of these great dishes.

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3 Major Keys for Sustainable Holiday Travel

By UGL-Staff | November 1, 2021

Although it appears that COVID-19 will remain a concern for the time being, many travelers are making plans for the holidays again. Here are three major keys to making sure your winter travel has the smallest possible negative impact on our global ecosystem.

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NFWI “Waste-Not” Cooking Demo Recap

By UGL-Staff | October 22, 2021

Download recipes, check out some pictures, and watch from the “Waste-Not” Cooking Demonstration if you missed it!

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Seema Prasad on Sustainable Choices

By UGL-Staff | October 5, 2021

Seema Prasad is the proprietor of Nashville’s Miel Restaurant, where she supports a greener Nashville through composting, recycling and sourcing meat, dairy & produce from local farmers. Here she shares what drives her sustainable choices.

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4 Ways to Build a More Sustainable Home

By Remi Jane | September 20, 2021

The green and sustainable building industry was the fastest growing industry in the United States between 2012 and 2017, with over $288 billion generated in revenue. Fortunately, as the sustainable construction industry gains traction nationwide, this growing marketplace provides individuals more access to resources that can help them incorporate sustainability into their own homes.

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#FindYourLab with Christina Langone

By UGL-Staff | September 15, 2021

Originally from Saugus, Massachusetts, Christina Langone is a proud first-generation college student who understands the importance of education and following your own path. As Urban Green Lab’s newest Sustainability Education Manager, she’s tasked with leading our Sustainable Classrooms and Students in Sustainability programs and showing learners everywhere how a little change goes a long way.

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#FindYourLab with Jacqueline Goodwin

By UGL-Staff | August 30, 2021

Jacqueline Goodwin is the new Sustainable Workplaces Manager at Urban Green Lab. She oversees the Urban Green Lab Certification Program and the Nashville Sustainability Roundtable. An avid reader, traveler, and coffee drinker, Jackie tells us how she makes a little change go a long way.

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