Urban Green Lab, in partnership with NRDC, is commissioning a series of murals across Nashville to continue public education on reducing food waste through the Nashville Food Waste Initiative.

How to Waste Less Food

trust your nose
Trust Your Senses

Freshness indicators don't always mean that food is unsafe to eat. The best way to know if your food is good to eat is by using your five sense. If it looks fresh and smells good, it will likely taste good as well.

A graphic with various frozen produce in storage containers
If You Don’t Eat It, Freeze It.

Do you know most foods can be placed in the freezer for up to a month and maybe more? It’s a great way to save money and preserve food that you just don’t have time to cook.

A hand holding a misshapen carrot
Irregular Food is Still Good Food

We tend to believe all pears are pear-shaped and a carrot should look like every other carrot. However, this isn’t always the case. Some food just grows differently, but it all tastes the same. 

Explore the Murals

Mural that says "Food is Beautiful. Waste Less."

Food is Beautiful. Waste Less.

Urban Green Lab, in partnership with Kroger and the Alliance for Green Hills, placed a mural on the Bandywood Drive side of the Kroger in Green Hills to celebrate the beauty of food and inspire shoppers to reduce food waste.

About the artist: Kami Baergen is an artist exploring the complexities of the mundane, life and death, and other opposites. Working primarily as a painter using acrylic gouache, Baergen is heavily influenced by Dutch Still Life and the Metaphysical art movement. Born in Chicago, based in Tennessee.

Mural that says "Food is energy. Waste less." painted on a store window

Food is Energy. Waste Less.

Urban Green Lab, in partnership with Patagonia, placed two murals on the windows of the Patagonia Nashville store to celebrate how food can provide fuel for activity and encourage Nashvillians to waste less food.

About the artist: Originally from Los Angeles, Nathan Brown relocated to Nashville when he was 11 years old and endured a major culture shock. Embracing the transition between cities through painting graffiti and exploring new territories through skateboarding travels motivated Nathan artistically. Nathan has created over 150 large-scale commissioned murals for brands and communities around the country. The goal has always been the same since day one, to bring people, places, and communities together through public art, transforming and creating new spaces where there were none before.

About Urban Green Lab

Urban Green Lab exists to guide communities in sustainable living. We train and educate in Classrooms, Households, and Workplaces - places where culture begins - to assist Nashville in making decisions that thoughtfully meet the needs of our society today without compromising the ability of others to meet their needs in the future. We envision a Nashville where everyone has access to opportunities for learning about sustainable living.