B Tennessee is a resource for entrepreneurs and members of the public interested in pursuing B Corp Certification or joining the B Corp Movement.

Urban Green Lab educates on the significance of the B Corp Impact Assessment, a valuable tool to educate and inspire sustainable business practices, from paying a living wage to pursuing zero waste. We assist local businesses that want to be B Corp Certified by providing meaningful connections, and we aim to grow the support system for B Corporations in Tennessee.

Photos and Video by Josh Moses at Moses Media Co.

The Mission

At Urban Green Lab, we educate on the importance of the B Corp Movement within the larger context of social and environmental sustainability. We connect emerging B Corporations with valuable resources in Tennessee to accelerate their change-making work, host events to spur community engagement and education around the B Corp movement, and serve as a guide for any business interested in becoming more sustainable.

Get Started

How We Work


We can connect you to certification assistance from consultants or universities.


We coordinate workshops on B Corp Certification and what it means to become a B Corp.


We host networking events to gather the local community and discuss best practices.

Tennessee B Corporations

In Good Company

Contact Bethany Edwards, Sustainable Workplaces Coordinator, at bethany@urbangreenlab.org to learn more about or get involved with B Tennessee and the B Corp Movement.

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