B Tennessee is a community of businesses and citizens led by a desire to use business as a force for good and envision a more sustainable future. Urban Green Lab assists local businesses that want to be B Corp Certified by providing meaningful connections. We aim to grow the support system for B Corporations in Tennessee.

Photos and Video by Josh Moses at Moses Media Co.

Explore the B Corp Movement

At Urban Green Lab, we educate on the importance of the B Corp Movement within the larger context of social and environmental sustainability. We connect emerging B Corporations with valuable resources in Tennessee to accelerate their change-making work, host events to spur community engagement and education around the B Corp movement, and serve as a guide for any business interested in becoming more sustainable.

Join B Tennessee to learn from B Corporations and connect with professionals also considering B Corp Certification in their company’s sustainability journey.

BLD Southeast Conference - September 21-22, 2023

Join Urban Green Lab and fellow B Corps and mission-driven businesses to learn & connect at the first ever in-person B Leadership Development (BLD) conference in the Southeast in Raleigh, NC.

Tennessee B Corporations

In Good Company

Contact Jacqueline Goodwin, Assistant Director of Workplaces, at jacqueline@urbangreenlab.org to learn more about or get involved with B Tennessee and the B Corp Movement.