Sustainable Classrooms

The Sustainable Classrooms division aims to show that sustainable living can be a part of any classroom. Using our standards-aligned curriculum, a PBL project, and student-led home investigations as a base, we explore how to use a sustainability lens in any formal or informal K-12 classroom. Our professional development training provides educators with the confidence, tools, and community needed to empower students to make lifelong sustainable choices.

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Co-define sustainability and work to understand key issues, solutions, and opportunities.

Discuss how to use sustainability as a lens for education within any classroom.

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Leave with our TN-standards-aligned Sustainable Classrooms curriculum, Project Based Learning project, and student-led home investigations.

Review additional lessons, math and literacy extensions, educational frameworks, and resources to guide your work beyond our curriculum.

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Being trained automatically enrolls you into the upcoming Professional Learning Community of like-minded educators to collaborate, network, troubleshoot, and share lessons on a regular basis!

Training also earns points towards our Urban Green Lab Certification process.

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