We teach communities
how to live sustainably.

We teach communities
how to live sustainably.

About Urban Green Lab

Urban Green Lab is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that exists to teach communities how to live sustainably in Nashville, TN and its surrounding counties. We organize teams, train them on making sustainable choices, and connect people with services and peers to walk with on their sustainable journey. We envision a Nashville where everyone has access to opportunities for learning about sustainable living.

Educating in places where culture begins

The Classrooms programs train educators and provide confidence, tools, and community to bring a sustainable lens into any classroom.

The Households division creates sustainable living education systems that inspire residents and families to be part of the solution.

The Workplaces branch educates and builds communities and cultures of sustainability in businesses throughout the Nashville area.

Special Initiatives

Our special initiatives are focus areas of sustainability education that Urban Green Lab has chosen to highlight and incorporate throughout the divisions.

The Nashville Environmental Justice Initiative is growing a movement of environmental justice learning that protects Nashville's marginalized communities.

The Nashville Food Waste Initiative develops tools and implements strategies for decreasing food waste and growing sustainable food consumption practices to serve as a model for other cities.


Graphic promoting Sustainable in the City webinar on Nov. 8 at noon

Sustainable in the City Webinar – Youth-Led Community Design

Join us for a conversation with Melody Gibson, Education Director and Cydney Thompson, Youth Programs Intern at Civic Design Center, to learn more about the youth efforts in creating a sustainable and safer Nashville.

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Flyer promoting the Nashville Sustainability Roundtable on November 16

Nashville Sustainability Roundtable: November 16

Join us on Thursday, November 16 for the next Nashville Sustainability Roundtable with Crema Coffee Roasters.

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Graphic promoting Sustainable in the City episode on Oct. 11 at noon

Sustainable in the City Webinar – Nashville’s Climate Resilience

Join us for an informative discussion with Kristin Stroup, Executive Fellow, Building Resilience in City Operations, and Kendra Abkowitz, Chief Sustainability and Resilience Officer for the Office of Mayor Freddie O’Connell. We will discuss the City’s draft plan and how it helps to ensure that Nashville’s infrastructure, systems, economy, and community can anticipate, cope with, and bounce back from expected and unexpected events.

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Sustainable Gifting Guide

October 31, 2023

Less is more this holiday season. Read how to celebrate sustainably, and check out our sustainable gifting guide for gift recommendations.

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Group of women listen intently during a presentation

What is “Climate Optimism?”

October 5, 2023

In this blog, we explore the question of what is climate optimism and share helpful resources for finding positive news about the state of the climate.

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A watermelon salad

5 Tips to Reduce Food Waste at Home

September 14, 2023

Food is beautiful. How can we waste less food at home? Read five tips to reduce food waste in your kitchen.

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In the News

Nashville Restaurants Fighting Food Waste Can Now Hitch A Ride For Their Leftovers

January 24, 2018

Every year, the equivalent of about 10 million meals in Nashville are tossed in the trash, while one in six residents doesn’t have enough food.

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The Hive Hour—Linda Breggin, Seema Prasad, & Beadle

October 23, 2016

Jennifer Masley hosts Acme Radio’s “The Hive Hour,” an in-depth look at all things Nashville has to offer in local food and wellness.

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Urban Green Lab launches mobile, sustainable classroom

February 16, 2016

Urban Green Lab launched its new mobile laboratory, a trailer filled with interactive exhibits, created by 1220 Exhibits, and informative posters on the five subject areas of sustainability.

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