UGL Executive Director Appointed to Mayor’s Sustainability Advisory Committee

Todd Lawrence, executive director of Urban Green Lab, will co-chair the Waste Reduction subcommittee.

The Nashville Ledger – Mayor John Cooper today announced the names of 48 members of the Nashville community who will serve on the Sustainability Advisory Committee.

Linda Breggin, Todd Lawrence and Mayor Cooper at the launch of the Mayor’s Food Saver Challenge in 2019

The Mayor announced the establishment of the Sustainability Advisory Committee during his announcement of multiple initiatives to combat climate change and promote sustainability in Dec. 2019.

The Committee will provide advice on a range of sustainability issues and review active proposals as they are being advanced and implemented by the Mayor and Metro Council through legislation, executive orders, policy changes and practices, the Mayor’s Office states. The Committee will start by advising and supporting the City’s commitment pursuant to the Global Covenant of Mayors to develop a Climate Action Plan for the city of Nashville.

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