Hack for the Community 2020: The Sustain Game

Hack for the Community is a 36-hour hack-a-thon that brings Nashville’s best software developers and visual designers together to create technology solutions that benefit our community in areas such as health and wellbeing, the arts, and children & youth. This year the event was held virtually and UGL’s very own, Patrick King, in coordination with a team of volunteer software developers created a new web application tool that allows the organization to educate more people than ever before!

The aptly named “The Sustain Game” allows participants to learn more about sustainable living by answering a series of trivia-style questions. Once participants have answered all of the questions, they receive a score and are placed on a leaderboard to compare scores with other Urban Green Lab supporters. All participants of the game receive a follow-up email with their results and resources for further learning!

Urban Green Lab is incredibly thankful to the amazing team of web developers who created this new tool for our organization. The project was chosen to receive the Hacker’s Choice Award which gave Urban Green Lab a $2,500 grant! A trophy was also awarded to the winning development team for all of their hard work.

If you’re interested in teaching your organization or community about sustainable living or want to learn more about the Sustain Game, please contact patrick@urbangreenlab.org

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