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#FindYourLab with Christina Langone

By UGL-Staff | September 15, 2021

Originally from Saugus, Massachusetts, Christina Langone is a proud first-generation college student who understands the importance of education and following your own path. As Urban Green Lab’s newest Sustainability Education Manager, she’s tasked with leading our Sustainable Classrooms and Students in Sustainability programs and showing learners everywhere how a little change goes a long way.

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Earth Day & Climate Action Webinar

By Nicole Brose | April 7, 2020

Urban Green Lab created an interactive webinar to teach about the History of Earth Month and how they can take climate action, even during a quarantine.

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Earth Month 2020

By Patrick King | March 24, 2020

Earth Month is here, and due to COVID-19, Urban Green Lab is going digital! Join Urban Green Lab this April for our virtual Earth Week activities. Learn about the issues, and how you and your family can live more sustainability.

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Forty-Five K-12 Educators Trained on Sustainability

By Diana Andrew | February 25, 2020

This spring 45 K-12 teachers were trained on Sustainable Classrooms from 26 schools.

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#FindYourLab with Emily Fairbank

By Nicole Brose | February 5, 2020

Emily, who works at Nissan North America, shares with Urban Green Lab about how she brings sustainable living into all areas of her life.

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You Should Be Composting!

By Patrick King | December 10, 2019

Chances are that you’ve heard of composting. If you’ve heard that it’s difficult, messy or smelly then you’ve been misinformed!

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#FindYourLab with Lisa Young

By Diana Andrew | November 5, 2019

“When one of my students asked for a compost bin for Christmas, I knew I was making a lasting impact!”

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