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Earth Day 2021: A Little Change Goes a Long Way

By Todd Lawrence | April 19, 2021

At first, you would think restoring our Earth back to what it was before a global pandemic which has taken 3 million lives would be a monumental task. But in reality, a little goes a long way in preventing its spread and destruction.

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Your Guide to Wasting Less Food this Holiday Season

By Diana Andrew | November 23, 2020

Changing our menus and traditions may mean more food waste than usual. Continue reading for tips on how to waste less food and prepare to have a sustainable holiday season!

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Hack for the Community 2020: The Sustain Game

By Patrick King | November 20, 2020

UGL wins the Hackers Choice Award at this years Hack for the Community!

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Sustainable Nashville Live: October Recap

By Patrick King | October 31, 2020

Check out the October recap of Sustainable Nashville Live!

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#FindYourLab with Victoria LaTeano

By Nicole Brose | October 10, 2020

Former intern Victoria LaTeano tells us about her lab! “Being able to go for a hike or a camping trip every now and then reminds me of what I’m working to protect.”

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Living Sustainably: Urban Green Lab’s Top Recommendations

By UGL-Staff | October 1, 2020

UGL has compiled a list of recommendations and resources that we believe will help guide you down the path to living a more sustainable life!

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Sustainable Nashville Live: September Recap

By Patrick King | September 30, 2020

Check out the September preview of Sustainable Nashville Live!

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