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Introducing B Tennessee!

By Jacqueline Goodwin | June 27, 2022

Business, capitalism, and consumption are often labeled as adversaries of the environmental movement. From the extraction of resources to the amount of waste that piles up, it’s fair to say that a lot of corporate interest doesn’t actually align with consumer interest. But, there is a solution that’s well within grasp for companies eager to make change.

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3 Tips for Building a Sustainable Garden

By UGL-Staff | May 4, 2022

In addition to giving you a peaceful place to relax, your garden can clean the air or harmful pollutants and keep sediment out of waterways. Sustainable gardening is all about working with nature and making conscious decisions to mitigate our impact on natural ecosystems. Here are some tips to help your garden thrive this year.

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Mural that says "Food is Beautiful. Waste Less."

New Food Waste Mural Revealed in Green Hills

By UGL-Staff | April 25, 2022

Urban Green Lab, in partnership with NRDC and Kroger, revealed a new mural on the Bandywood Drive side of the Kroger in Green Hills to celebrate the beauty of food and inspire shoppers to reduce food waste. Urban Green Lab is a local nonprofit that teaches communities to live sustainably.

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NPL Becoming an “Urban Green Lab”

By UGL-Staff | April 22, 2022

Once the NPL Sustainability Committee formed in 2021, we were fortunate to connect with Urban Green Lab (UGL). Through a series of Zoom meetings with the Sustainability Committee, Jackie Goodwin, UGL’s Sustainable Workplaces Manager, oriented our team to the sustainability landscape in Nashville and led us through an assessment so we could see what areas we needed to focus on. In addition, NPL is in the process of joining UGL’s Nashville Sustainability Roundtable, which is “dedicated to guiding workplaces to be more sustainable.

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30 Little Changes that Go a Long Way

By UGL-Staff | April 1, 2022

Every year on April 22, people around the world take action to amplify environmental solutions. When it comes to living sustainably, a little change goes a long way. Here are 30 actions you can take this Earth Month.

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6 Lessons Women Taught Us About Living Sustainably

By UGL-Staff | March 2, 2022

Throughout history, women have been at the forefront of discovery and change worldwide. Here are six lessons about living sustainably we’ve learned from notable women working to protect and improve the planet.

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7 Black Environmentalists Working Toward a Sustainable Future

By UGL-Staff | February 9, 2022

Although the most visible champions for sustainability are white, communities of color are ore likely to be alarmed or concerned about climate change than whites. Because of systemic racism, Black Americans are disproportionately impacted by environmental stressors. Get familiar with these seven Black environmentalists fighting for a sustainable future.

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5 Ways to Reduce Valentine’s Day Waste

By UGL-Staff | February 2, 2022

Approximately 145 million Valentine’s Day cards are exchanged every year, not including the packaged cards that tend to be exchanged in classrooms. This makes Valentine’s Day the second largest holiday for card giving after Christmas. Unfortunately, this also translates to increased global waste. Consider these five ways you can reduce your waste while spreading the love this year.

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Curbside Recycling Temporarily Suspended in Nashville

By UGL-Staff | December 21, 2021

Metro Public Works has temporarily suspended curbside recycling to address delays in trash brought on by staffing and fleet issues. Service is expected to resume in late January, early February 2022. In the meantime, find out where to take your pre-sorted items.

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