7 “Scrappy” Recipes to Try This Holiday Season

Last month we partnered with the James Beard Foundation and Henrietta Red's chef Julia Sullivan to show you how your food scraps can be used to make delicious and beautiful meals. With the holidays upon us, we're cooking more now than any other time of year. In fact, waste increases by 25% between Thanksgiving and New Years Day. This year, try saving your scraps and repurposing your leftovers into one of these great dishes.

Give the recipes from our "Waste-Not" Cooking Demo a try, starting with this beautiful Butternut Squash Salad.

The James Beard Foundation and the Nashville Food Waste Initiative hosts a “waste-not” cooking demonstration in partnership with Mayor Cooper’s Food Saver Challenge at E. Bronson Ingram College.
Nashville chef Julia Sullivan of Henrietta Red prepares delicious dishes using ingredients typically thought of as food scraps or waste.  Vanderbilt Chancellor Daniel Diermeier and Mayor John Cooper speak about highlighting innovative ways to incorporate food scraps into restaurant-quality cooking, this event is intended to raise awareness of the problem of food waste—and its many creative solutions as well.

Didn't make as many smoothies as you expected? Turn those strawberries into jam.

strawberry jam

Don't throw your over-ripe bananas away! Take this banana bread to your next holiday gathering instead.

banana bread

Similarly, turn your extra apples into this applesauce for the whole family.


Here's a great way to use any extra chopped vegetables that didn't fit into another dish.

roasted veggies

When you've used all your holiday spirit, but you still have holiday leftovers, change the mood and eat the food as these stuffed peppers.

turkey stuffed peppers

Or, if you prefer a post-holiday brunch, try this easy frittata.

leftover frittata

For more tips for reducing your food waste, visit SaveTheFood.com.

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