3 Easy Ways to Keep Your Office Sustainable Over the Holidays

The holidays are right around the corner! With many of us taking extended breaks from the office, it's important to make sure we reduce the energy wasted by empty buildings. According to the US Energy Information Administration, commercial buildings account for 18% of total US energy consumption in 2020. Plan to keep your office sustainable during the holiday season with these quick and easy tips.

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⚡️ Save energy by setting the thermostat to a temperature lower than you normally would. Keep it above 60 so the pipes don’t freeze! This will ensure that the system doesn't run more than it should when no one is there.

🖥 Similarly, unplug computer monitors and anything else that [uses energy even while not in use]. Before you turn off the lights on your way out, turn off fax machines, printers, and copiers.

🍎 Clear the fridge to reduce food waste. Give your colleagues an opportunity to rescue their own leftovers and [compost the rest].

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