The Green Issue: Environmental Justice Initiative Educates About Environmental Racism

April 22, 2021

The Nashville Scene – Urban Green Lab and TSU partner to research and develop environmental justice curricula. by Erica Ciccarone, April 22, 2021

Patrick King, Sustainability Education Manager (credit Steven Romeo, Music City Creative)

When you think about climate activists, who comes to mind? Greta Thunberg? Al Gore? A recent study by Yale University’s Climate Change Communication program found that Latino and Black Americans are more likely to be alarmed or concerned about climate change than whites.  

“The environmental sector suffers from an alarming amount of whiteness,” says Patrick King, the sustainability education manager of local nonprofit Urban Green Lab. “There’s a perception that it’s a space only for affluent white folks, when in reality, when you look at the numbers, the overwhelming majority of people who believe in climate change and believe that things have to be done around climate change are Black and brown.”

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