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Food Waste 101

40% of all food is wasted in the United States, which represents an annual estimated cost of $218 billion. That is on average 400 pounds of food per person every year! In this session, we’ll explore the overall issue of food waste, what the Nashville Food Waste Initiative is doing about it, how food can …

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Creative Reuse

We’re all aware of the 3 R’s, reduce, reuse, & recycle but what many don’t realize is that the first 2 are significantly more important than recycling in reducing waste. Learn more about steps you can take in your own life to reuse and about some local organizations that are leading the charge. Special Guest …

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Home Energy Efficiency

Did you know that heating and cooling a home is one of the largest expenses and uses the most energy out of any other household utility? Much of this energy is wasted through homes not being properly weatherized and insulated. Fear not! There are many small changes you can make to lower your utility bill. …

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