Nashville 2018: Eliminating food waste in Music City

WKRN – News 2 continues to track the good and bad that comes with Nashville’s growth, like uneaten food. Big venues in Music City bring big with them, large amounts of food waste.

The Country Music Hall of Fame hosts over 1,000 events every year, feeding anywhere from 100,000 to 200,000 people. “A lot of the times, people don’t show up, things happen, and we have this leftover food,” said Karl Ebert, Associate Director of Operations for the Hall of Fame.

Statistics show 40% of food is wasted. “Nashville is growing very rapidly, in residence and tourism, and so more people is more waste, including more food waste,” said Linda Breggin, Project Coordinator for the Nashville Food Waste Initiative. That’s why entertainment venues like the Hall of Fame are trying to be part of the solution as part of the Nashville Food Waste Initiative.

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