Carlos Hoyos


Sustainable Workplaces Manager

Carlos Hoyos serves as Workplaces Manager at Urban Green Lab, empowering workplaces to adopt sustainable practices through education, resource-sharing, and community-building.

Originally from Bogota, Colombia, Carlos moved to the United States as a child. One of his vivid memories from that day is being amazed by the pristine and picturesque drive-- away from the airport in the Atlanta, GA region. This early impression of beauty and cleanliness stayed with him and, years later, blossomed into a deep passion for sustainability.

Carlos further discovered his love for environmental stewardship while feeling uncertain about his college major. A friend's invitation to audit a field ecology class introduced him to an environmentally conscious community, igniting his enthusiasm for sustainability. He pursued this newfound interest by majoring in Environmental Studies and minoring in Architecture at the University at Buffalo in New York.

Carlos' journey in sustainability is rich and varied. He has led children on ecology hikes, conducted demonstrations in classrooms, maintained gardens, promoted bike mobility, explored mycology, and nurtured a general interest in creative repurposing and innovation in daily living. His diverse experiences highlight his dedication to creating a more sustainable world.

More recently, Carlos worked in the financial industry, where he honed skills in budgeting, teamwork, patience, problem-solving, and equity. Working with clients from diverse socio-economic and cultural backgrounds reinforced the importance of sustainable living for all. Carlos believes that everyone can contribute to sustainability in their daily lives and that recognizing our varied abilities will ultimately lead us to the same goal.

Carlos is a relatively new resident of Nashville, having moved here in 2023. While traveling the country, he fell in love with Tennessee’s great outdoors, its vibrant music scene, and a wonderful partner. In his free time, he enjoys biking, hiking, camping, traveling, and live music.

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