Curbside Recycling Temporarily Suspended in Nashville

UPDATED (1/18/22): Mayor John Cooper announced curbside recycling will resume February 1, 2022.

Original post below.

Effective Tuesday, December 21, 2021, Metro Public Works temporarily suspended curbside recycling to address delays in trash brought on by staffing and fleet issues.

Waste collection had been delayed for the three weeks leading up to the recycling suspension. Rerouting recycling trucks and staff are part of the plan “to address the public health and sanitation issues related to delayed trash collection.” Curbside recycling service is expected to resume in late January, early February 2022.

In the meantime, you can take your pre-sorted items to a Recycling Drop-off Site or Convenience Center.

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Before you go, make sure your items are:

Clean, empty, and dry
Empty and rinse all containers. Remove loose caps. Empty and flatten cardboard boxes.

Loose, not bagged
Plastic bags, plastic wrap, and bubble wrap should be removed. Transport recyclables in a bin or cardboard box.

Right for the location
Be sure to take the right items to the right location. All drop off sites accept glass and food scraps, but harder-to-recycle items, like electronic waste, must go to a convenience center.

Unsure what you can bring? Download the Nashville Waste & Recycling App for iPhone or Android and check out the Waste Wizard.

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