Matt Bell from Gray & Dudley at the 21c Hotel kicks off our series describing how to make reducing food waste accessible. Small changes greatly reduce your footprint of food waste over time.

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Julia Sullivan, chef and co-owner of Henrietta Red, regularly encourages chefs to seek creative ways to use all parts of food. "Make sure that if we're paying for this whole fish," she says, "that we are getting use out of the whole fish, too."

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Chef Bianca Morton of the Nashville Food Project reminds chefs that food doesn't have to be pretty for it to be usable. In addition to keeping good food out of landfills, donating surplus food can create meals for people experiencing food insecurity.

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One way Deb Paquette reduces food waste at ETCH and etc. is by vacuum-packing and freezing leftovers to extend their shelf life for use in soups and other dishes.

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When food scraps are composted, it helps create nutrient rich soil amendment. Seema Prasad has built composting into her preparation at Miel by collecting food scraps at every station as she goes.

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Participating in the Mayor’s Food Saver Challenge will reduce the amount of food sent to Middle Tennessee landfills, while helping to relieve hunger by donating wholesome, edible food to local nonprofits serving over 100,000 food-insecure residents in Davidson County.

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