Stephanie Gates

Stephanie Gates is Manager of Sales Instructional Design and Strategy for Nissan North America, Inc. In her role she manages dealership sales training programs that focus on the Nissan customer experience. She is also the Director of Community Service Events for Nissan’s Green Team, a volunteer team focused on sustainability and representing Nissan as an environmentally conscious leader in Middle Tennessee. As a part of Nissan’s Green Team, she works with community partners to create service opportunities for team members so that they can make a difference in their own backyard. Stephanie has been with Nissan since 2013 and has worked in various roles throughout the dealer training group.

Prior to joining Nissan, she worked in Adult Education and Healthcare Training. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Western Kentucky University and a Master’s degree in Human Resource Education from University of Louisville. Stephanie is enthusiastic about living sustainably and learning new ways to do so. It is her passion to help educate individuals to make responsible, Earth-friendly choices in their daily lives. In her spare time, Stephanie enjoys hiking, traveling, and watching Kentucky basketball.