Patrick King, BA

Sustainability Education Manager

Patrick King II serves as a Sustainability Education Manager with Urban Green Lab leading the Lab Recognition program and Nashville Environmental Justice Initiative. Patrick also manages Sustainable In The City: Thinking Upstream, a series focused on how Nashvillians can better reduce, reuse, and recycle and live more sustainably.

Patrick is a native of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and developed a passion for the environment at an early age. Spending a significant portion of his childhood exploring the woods and fishing with his grandmother, he quickly gained an appreciation for the great outdoors. Patrick received his Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Studies from Louisiana State University. While there, he was able to hone his interpersonal and public speaking skills as a live host on 91.1 KLSU FM.

His sustainability journey began shortly after moving to New Orleans in 2015, where he saw firsthand the impact of climate change on coastal communities and began to take notice of the lack of infrastructure in place to deal with the city’s waste. While working for a local broadcasting company, Patrick also began volunteering with Sankofa Community Development Corp, a local community food systems organization that serves populations in food deserts through community gardens, farmers markets, and food education.

Patrick moved to Nashville in 2017 and began working at the Adventure Science Center as a planetarium educator. In this position, he designed and presented science programming for both public audiences and private events, and founded the organization’s Green Team, which developed and implemented sustainable practices for the institution.

Patrick looks forward to bringing sustainability education to his neighbors across the greater Nashville area with hopes to inspire and contribute to the major structural changes that our city needs to solve today’s pressing environmental concerns.

In his free time, Patrick enjoys trying out new recipes, reading, hiking, and spending time with his partner and two dogs, Laika Jean and Yoko.