Geoff Parker

Development Manager

Geoff started learning about sustainability as a summer camp director in Texas, where he grew up. What began as a new set of classes to offer campers and a plan to rotate campsite usage quickly grew into a widespread effort that impacted everything from water usage to hiring practices. For over ten years since then, Geoff has continued to learn more about sustainability from a wide variety of sources. Friends, colleagues, church groups, documentaries, and community gardening classes have all helped to continue this journey. There is less plastic in his house, more recycling at his workplaces, and many other changes because of what he has learned. Geoff believes that inviting more people to learn about sustainability in a variety of settings around the community has the power to transform homes, workplaces, and our city.

Before joining Urban Green Lab, Geoff had 15 years of professional nonprofit experience from his first job after college to his most recent role as an executive director. He led three international programs at The Upper Room for youth and young adults to deepen their faith and service with others. Most recently he served as the executive director of the Housing, Health, and Human Services Alliance of Rutherford County, where he worked with community leaders to develop and implement plans to house their most vulnerable neighbors. In all of his work, Geoff enjoys finding people who share our goals and values and inviting them to join in the work for a more sustainable Nashville.

His engagement with nonprofits extends beyond Geoff’s day to day work. He loves being an overnight host for Room in the Inn, served as the board chair for the Belmont Wesley Fellowship campus ministry, and assisted with tornado relief work in 2020 as an outreach screener.

Geoff has a master’s degree from Belmont University in strategic communications and leadership with an emphasis on nonprofits and a bachelor’s degree from the Virginia Military Institute in economics and business.

When he is not working, you will find Geoff with his family and their dog walking their favorite greenway, working in his vegetable garden, or at the lake.