Sustainable Nashville Live: August Recap

Check out all the amazing interviews we had throughout the month of September and don’t forget to subscribe to our Youtube Channel!

Episode 10: Talia Greenberg

Talia Greenberg is a recent graduate of The University of the South and embarking on a journey to make landscape architecture more sustainable. She is passionate about connecting people with nature and creating sustainable green spaces within cities. 

Episode 11: Ginger-Rose Krueck, Executive Director of GROW Enrichment

GROW Enrichment is an organization that seeks to address sustainable urban food production through education and volunteer engagement. The organization manages 14+ acres of land at Two Rivers Park in Donelson.

Episode 12: Jennifer Westerholm, Sustainability and Outreach Manager at Socket, Unplug Nashville

Socket is Metro Nashville’s sustainability outreach program and works to educate Metro employees and the citizens of Nashville on how to work and live sustainably.

Episode 13: Laura Zapata, Founder of Clearloop

Clearloop is a company that works to green the US electrical grid and helps companies offset their carbon footprint.

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