Sustainable Households

Urban Green Lab’s Households Division works closely with nonprofit organizations, neighborhood associations, and faith groups to develop systems of sustainable living education to make it a permanent part of everything you do. This is accomplished through organizing green teams, personalized training, connecting your organization to resources that help make the difference and more. No matter your social sector or community served, we can work together to help make Nashville a more just and sustainable city.

Recent News

Mayor’s Food Saver Challenge Seeks to Cut Local Food Waste

Taking a look at programs and organizations that cut waste and redirect food to the hungry.

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Volunteers rescue food for elderly, disabled for Christmas holiday

“We picked up a little over 1,000 pounds of food today, so you’re looking at about 1,700, 1,800 meals today,” said Chris Whitney

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Analyzing Food Waste at the City Level

Using the cities of Denver, Nashville and New York to create a baseline study, Natural Resources Defense Council developed a comprehensive report addressing food waste.

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