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#FindYourLab with Christina Langone

By UGL-Staff | September 15, 2021

Originally from Saugus, Massachusetts, Christina Langone is a proud first-generation college student who understands the importance of education and following your own path. As Urban Green Lab’s newest Sustainability Education Manager, she’s tasked with leading our Sustainable Classrooms and Students in Sustainability programs and showing learners everywhere how a little change goes a long way.

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Sustainable Nashville Live: June Preview

By Patrick King | June 30, 2020

Urban Green Lab is launching a new interview series called Sustainable Nashville Live.

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#FindYourLab with Nicole Avendaño

By Nicole Brose | June 24, 2020

“Fighting unjust systems that allow such disparities is my motivation. We must fight for just and equitable sustainable change.”

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#FindYourLab with Joy Owens

By Patrick King | May 27, 2020

The reality is that incremental changes can make a difference and they don’t have to be pretty or perfect to count. Use what you’ve got, start small, and build from there.

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High School Students Take Sustainability Tour of Construction Site

By Nicole Brose | May 20, 2020

Urban Green Lab’s Sustainable Pathways Program gave 3 McGavock High School students the opportunity to tour a Turner Construction job site and learn about sustainability in the field!

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#FindYourLab with Katie Madole

By Diana Andrew | May 8, 2020

“I dream of a Nashville where environmental justice is achieved- everyone has the same protection from environmental and health hazards and diverse voices are present in all decision-making conversations.”

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Earth Month 2020 Reading List

By Patrick King | April 10, 2020

Here are a few titles that the UGL team really enjoyed and we hope you will too!

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